Foto van Lilian Nagel

Lilian Nagel is the heart of Hillebrandt-J. and makes her mark on a range of culture programmes in organisations and companies in the Netherlands and a large number of European countries. She develops the accompanying leadership programmes.

If you wish to exchange ideas with her on these subjects, call or send a mail.

Telephone: 00 31 (0) 621883391

Which themes are the most current?

In broad terms, there are currently a number of distinct items in larger organisations and companies that are attracting an increasing amount of attention. Central issues are the relationship between innovation, leadership/culture and, more specifically, the following questions:

  1. Is it possible to change our possibly reactive organisation into a creative organisation and what will this require?
  2. Innovation: what is our attitude to this and what does it mean for our organisation in practical terms?
  3. Can we use our time, energy and resources in a more intelligent way than we do now? What will this require?

Hillebrandt-J. has developed a number of unique programmes that produce good results in practice. They are implemented in the Netherlands and overseas for multinationals, large and medium-sized Dutch companies and organisations, the government, etc.

The effects are permanent because an ongoing process has been initiated. This site contains a great deal of special features such as experience in the Netherlands and Europe, Hillebrandt-J., the people and organisation, the house style and contact.