The house style

The house style was inspired by a 30,000-year-old rock carving. This is the first example of the depiction of people; men and women who set off somewhere together. The symbolism illustrates the essence of that which Hillebrandt-J. encourages the participants to achieve and in which it supports them: focus on ‘the sun’, the places that provide energy. Enrich and widen your perspective. Do not be afraid to think independently. Take initiatives and your own responsibility. Stay in contact with the people around you. Work together. And keep it playful.

(Story adapted from Plato: 427–347 BC)

People were still living in underground caves, and the story goes that everybody was tied at their hands and feet in one of these caves. They were sitting with their backs to the entrance. They had always been sitting like this, since the dawn of time, so they had never seen the entrance to the cave. A high wall had been built behind their backs, behind which figures walked who put up shapes on sticks. As a result of the fires behind them, flickering shadows were projected on the wall of the cave, and the shadows were the only things that existed for the people. One of the people, however, started wondering where those shadows came from and, at a certain moment, managed to free himself. As he turned around, he was blinded by the fire, but he persevered. After climbing over the wall, he found the way out and, for the first time, he saw the light, the sun and the amazing beauty of reality. He began to realise that, until now, he had only been seeing the flickering shadows and that, in reality, the sun gives life to every living thing, just like the fire in the cave projected the shadows of every living thing. He also understood that he had to return to free the others, to allow them all to see the sun and dance in the light.