Leading differences and distances Leading differences and distances

The Dutch version of this website deliberately uses an English title here, as it concerns international organisations. A different aspect that is receiving more and more attention is leadership at a distance. By moving certain business activities, for example, to Central Europe and Asia, an increasingly important role is played within the concept of leadership by bridging the actual distance, cultural differences and time differences, whilst at the same time, maintaining good working relationships. Obviously, international business is not a new concept, however, the way in which we work on an international level changes every day. This definitely requires different approaches than, for example, ten years ago, especially as interaction plays a much more important role in collaboration.

Leadership within innovative companies

Leadership within highly innovative companies sets strict requirements for the balance between result orientation and process orientation. The organisational culture must be creative, open and tolerant with limited room for power, control and ego.

The step towards developing leadership is smaller for companies that wish to solve problems in a creative manner; the organisation will not have to undergo a complete transformation to achieve this.