As far as leadership development is concerned, Hillebrandt-J. roughly distinguishes between leadership on a local level and in international organisations.

Local leadership

This applies if an organisation mainly focuses on the local market with local people. If this organisation is part of a larger (international) whole, then this will play an indirect role in our approach. Local culture, the organisational culture and individual experiences largely determine behaviour. Leadership directly contributes to the development of the entire organisation. In places where people from different countries work together, bring together different cultures, propagate the same organisational culture and bring along their personal experiences, leadership is given a different meaning. An understanding of cultural differences is essential, just like a focus on binding factors.

International organisations

Cross-border leadership requires more skills in addition to the leadership characteristics that are required for the local market, but it also requires more awareness as to cultural differences and similarities, and as to how collaboration can be achieved in view of its international character. It requires people to let go of their assumptions and to investigate how their leadership can be used in the most effective way possible with an open mind.