What are creative techniques?

These are usually techniques that are used in the world of art.

Improvisational theatre, whereby attention is paid to body language, recognition and influencing of differences in status, creativity principles and aspects of mental attitude, increasing the number of ways in which to react in certain situations.
Organisational storytelling, who says what, how and when?
Universal stories, to clarify life processes and work processes or to discover personal and business values.
Martial arts, to provide an insight into personal 'fight-or-flight' responses during a conflict and how to handle tension and conflicts in a different manner.
Aikido, to let people experience the difference between will power and inner strength.
The use of images, photographs, drawings, collages, metaphors and poems, whereby the intention is to catch a vision or a desired situation in one single image (because a single image says more than 1,000 words).
Music and singing, for example, relating to harmony, breathing techniques for stress reduction and to increase power of persuasion.
Fitness, in order to strengthen mental resilience.